Making the Classroom Digital; or, “BYOT”
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Making the Classroom Digital; or, “BYOT”

We all remember being in high school, right? It was a magical land of constant comparisons–in terms of clothes, grades, achievements, cars, etc. Do students really need another shiny yardstick with which to measure each other? Do you learn better then your classmate if your dad buys you a Macbook Air? Continue reading

The Beginning of the End
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The Beginning of the End

It has been far too long since I’ve written here. Admittedly, this year has been really busy–and Winter Quarter was basically eaten up with preparations for Mr. University, our sorority’s annual fundraiser (we raised $16,000 for CASA, our philanthropy–unbelievable!) Today has been an almost too-ordinary day, but the smallest things I did today (stopping by the … Continue reading

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Recommended Reading [post-Jeremy Lin]

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The Asian American diaspora is uniquely diverse. While the Jeremy Lin phenomenon has sparked mainstream media attention and created popular discussion around Asian American identity, there are still many unheard voices and perspectives. Jay Caspian Kang writes, “We still haven’t figured out how to talk about Asian Americans.” The Asian American community struggles to navigate…

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New Beginnings

The start of the year always stirs up vague emotions of nostalgia and fellow-feeling in me. It helps that the University of Chicago looks like it was designed by the gleeful envisioner of college campus catalogs–all towering trees and gothic architecture, sprinkled with smoking, coffee-clutching hipsters. But beyond the warm fuzzies stirred up by standing … Continue reading