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Moving Out, Moving On

Packing my apartment up for three straight days has been one of the most physically arduous and emotionally stressing things I have ever done. It somehow still hasn’t quite sunk in that I’m done with this formative four-year chunk of my life—I haven’t let it sink in yet, because it’ll be too hard to say goodbye. And saying goodbye never quite feels satisfying anyway, since you can’t properly bid farewell to intangible feelings of community, accomplishment, belonging, and struggle—the heady brew of emotion that’s marked my time at this university.

In a way though, I’m happy that I’m so sad to leave this beautiful city, my cozy apartment, and this campus, because it meant that my time here was worthwhile and precious. I’m happy that I teared up while hugging my friends goodbye these past few nights, because it means that I’ve made friends dear enough to cry over. And I’m happy that I already miss my apartment, though I’m still sitting in it as I write this, because it means that I was able to make a home away from home, for however brief a moment.


Tomorrow, I’m off for Ohio to spend time with my beloved family. Then, new adventures at the University of Virginia!


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