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The Beginning of the End

It has been far too long since I’ve written here. Admittedly, this year has been really busy–and Winter Quarter was basically eaten up with preparations for Mr. University, our sorority’s annual fundraiser (we raised $16,000 for CASA, our philanthropy–unbelievable!)

I’ll miss Hogwarts for sure.

Today has been an almost too-ordinary day, but the smallest things I did today (stopping by the English department, emailing the East Asian studies director) mark the beginning of a huge change. These meetings officially mean that I am approved to take spring quarter off, and graduate in June with the rest of my fellow seniors. I guess it really hasn’t hit me that my college career is, in many important ways, over. I had my last class on Wednesday (an East Asian studies seminar on archaeology, with just three other students in the class), which ended in an almost painfully nondescript way. There was lots of shuffling around and mumbling about papers and hastily stuffing books back into my bag so I could make it to the library and stop to get a bagel on the way. At the time, it didn’t feel like anything had really been off (and it was the normal way for that class to end, I guess…) but I still wish there had been a moment for me to pause and think, this is it.

It isn’t time to get full-on nostalgic yet, of course. I have all of Spring Quarter to do that. Besides traveling home for the wedding of one of my best friends and going to see my family, Spring Quarter will probably be spent watching movies, wading through the long reading list I’ve been compiling for months, and trying to earn a little extra $$$ (Telefund beckons? Oh God no. But maybe.)

Right now, though, I just wanted to take a moment and appreciate the weird and bittersweet fact (more bitter than sweet, to be honest) fact that I will probably never sit in a classroom at the University of Chicago again. But of course, I’ve set myself on track to be a career campus-lurker, since next year I will probably either be getting an MA in English at the University of Virginia (top ten?!) or New York University (New York?!). Tough decisions, but at least I know I have a lot of glorious reading and writing and classroom-sitting in my future.


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