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Design and a Million Little Lines

I haven’t been posting lately because I have been grappling with some heavy stuff, and don’t feel like I’ve quite wrapped my mind around it well enough to post about it online.

This quarter is off to a hobbling sort of start, with small bursts of energy punctuating the white-noise stress of not knowing what the next year will bring. Break was far too short, and I left without seeing many of the people I meant to see. So I decided to take a little time this week, while classes are still slowly revving up, to write a few letters to the few friends who still subscribe to a snail-mail nostalgia. This is part of the design (a work in progress) for a card I will be sending before the week is done!


I was going to send a glittery card from my local CVS, but decided not to waste $3.50. This represents about half an hour of work so far—half an hour of soothing, reflective, and therefore not wasted time. Bonus points if you can guess who the recipient will be!

Less frivolous posts to come as the new year unfolds, one hopes.


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