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My Other Self / What I Wore

I have been a bit embarrassed to post about this new development, but today, coming after an exciting talk with my thesis preceptor, I feel a surge of confidence and it suddenly seems a bit silly to be embarrassed about anything at all.

I’ve started a tiny blog side-project called What I Wore, which is exactly what it sounds like–full of pictures of my daily outfits. It’s partly inspired by the sort of blogs I like to read in my sparest of spare time:, for example.

It is very frivolous, I will admit, but it’s also fun. And in a sense it’s started to take on a diary-like aspect, though instead of secrets you get sundresses and leather jackets. I grew up keeping a diary but it’s sort of fallen to the wayside as facebook, twitter, and this blog meld together to create my online presence. Though I doubt that online blogging will ever take on the truly, intensely personal aspect (one hopes) that a physical handwritten diary possesses, it does occupy the same sort of space in my life. So in a way this style blog is mainly for myself—a way of keeping track of my day to day, without having to lug around a huge leather-bound notebook. (The whole blog is basically run through my iPhone’s WordPress app).

Anyway, if you’re interested, it’s at Wear Daily.


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