Pop Culture

Strange Opinions at the Bourgeois Pig

While munching my sandwich at the Bourgeois Pig cafe, I happened to hear a statement so strange that I couldn’t keep it to myself.

A girl sitting at a nearby table told her companion, “I thought the London Opening Ceremony was just…so much more intellectual and better thought-out than the Beijing one. Honestly I thought it was more impressive.”

Her companion nodded in vigorous agreement without a trace of irony.

I am flummoxed. How could she consider a giant floppy Voldemort doing battle with Mary Poppins (I never thought I would type that sentence) more impressive than the scroll dancers from Beijing? The thousands of drummers perfectly in sync? The pageant of costumes spanning a thousand years of Chinese history? The moving type blocks performance??

Derpy Voldemort.



Am I insane? I thought the London Ceremony was great, but in its own quirky, tongue-in-cheek way…and I’m not sure “more impressive” is quite the spin to put on it. But I guess everyone is entitled to their opinion.

Or maybe I’m just frustrated because NBC, even after crowing their Olympics coverage from the rooftops, didn’t have a live stream of the whole thing on their website. Some of us are in college and don’t have TV.



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