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Recommended Reading [post-Jeremy Lin]

As someone who hopes to make a living studying diasporic literature, I think it’s awesome that the Jeremy Lin hullabaloo in the media is bringing more attention to the issue of unique Asian-American cultural identity within America. Great post and strong book recommendations that really kick off a conversation about what it means to construct and view American identity from an Asian-American lens.


The Asian American diaspora is uniquely diverse. While the Jeremy Lin phenomenon has sparked mainstream media attention and created popular discussion around Asian American identity, there are still many unheard voices and perspectives. Jay Caspian Kang writes, “We still haven’t figured out how to talk about Asian Americans.”

The Asian American community struggles to navigate and make visible a racial identity society has trapped between white and black. Books by Asian American scholars and activists discuss how the community can transcend awareness and move towards social action. The books below connect culture and politics and share ways that the Asian American community stand in solidarity with other communities of color.

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