The Hunger Games Leaves You Hungry: A Review (With Spoilers)
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The Hunger Games Leaves You Hungry: A Review (With Spoilers)

*** I have already enthused about Suzanne Collins’ young adult trilogy The Hunger Games. I stand by my opinion that these books represent the increasingly rare instances that can absolutely fuel a love of reading among young people. They are gripping. They move swiftly but still have depth. And finally, they have a female protagonist who … Continue reading

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Recommended Reading [post-Jeremy Lin]

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The Asian American diaspora is uniquely diverse. While the Jeremy Lin phenomenon has sparked mainstream media attention and created popular discussion around Asian American identity, there are still many unheard voices and perspectives. Jay Caspian Kang writes, “We still haven’t figured out how to talk about Asian Americans.” The Asian American community struggles to navigate…

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The Beauty of Snail Mail

Some of my most treasured possessions are the letters and cards I have received over the years. Nothing quelled the homesickness I felt my freshman year quite like the notes and trinkets I received in the mail from friends, like pressed flowers from Ohio (welcome in a city basically without plants) or a hokey little … Continue reading