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Sunday Links

Oh, the Linsanity. I hope his tolerance for puns is high…and I thought I had it bad with “Yu”.

Before the winter season is over (and weirdly, that end seems like it could be right around the corner in Chicago), I want to try my hand at two things: braised short ribs and this beauty of a light lasagne.

Why are they promoting Hunger Games so early? It doesn’t come out for another month! I’m starting to get so worked up that I might even convince myself I don’t want to see it, or something crazy like that. In the meantime, I’m also excited about the kickass trailer for Snow White and the Huntsman (Kristin Stewart notwithstanding), and confused about its wackadoo counterpart, Mirror Mirror. Why aren’t there ever original plots in Hollywood anymore? At least Cowboys and Aliens was unexpected. Vulture takes a look at the two upcoming Snow White incarnations.

And here’s a bear:


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