Sometimes a picture says a thousand words about the kind of unconditional love that is predicated only on spending time together, and nothing else.


Before I owned a kitten, I never knew what it was like to know the kind of love that an animal gives you, which is more unconditional even than the love of parents. This love has everything to do with your kindness and nothing to do with how much money you make, how smart you are, or what kind of clothes you wear (unless you are wearing a tantalizing dangly necklace that looks fun to play with!) Why does a cat like one person better than another? The cynical view might say that animals love humans because of what they get in exchange — food and care. But Momo, my kitten, loves me in a different way than she does her co-owner, though both of us dole out the kibble equally often. There’s something so comforting about the love of an animal. It’s also kind of grounding, in a way. Humans can be so fickle.


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