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Writer’s Block

I’ve been giving myself up almost entirely to writing academic papers that might be clean and beautiful on the level of the individual line but…let’s be honest. No one really wants to read them for fun.

Though I am writing a paper on Jackie Chan’s movie, Shanghai Noon, for a class on alternative Westerns.

A cultural gem. Seriously, Jackie Chan is the best.

The point being that I haven’t set my hand to writing anything creative for a long, long time. In the vein of months. Maybe even a year.

I’ve used my busyness as an excuse, saying that I am too swamped with work to find those hours of quiet thinking time I would need to actually sit down and write. It’s true that I’m busier than I was in high school–not in a physical sense, I guess, but in the sense that everything I’m focusing on is scattered. In high school I had two distinct friend groups and one fairly focused goal: college. Now? I’m not so sure.

I’m coming to realize, though, that creative endeavors, just like everything else–schoolwork, job-work, work-outs, even relaxing–need something of a schedule. You can’t just wait and tell yourself that when the spare moment comes, you’ll take it and write your heart out, because chances are, the spare moment will never come (or when it does, you’ll spend that time watching Netflix).



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