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Sunday Links Edition: The Most Beautiful Love Story Ever Told

Even though I am knee-deep in Ancient Chinese linguistic theory today, I am still reeling from the beauty and power of what I watched last night at Chicago’s Auditorium Theater. As what was possibly the most thoughtful Christmas present ever, I received two tickets to Romeo and Juliet, performed by the State Ballet of Russia. The experience transported me utterly, and was magical, as cliche as that sounds.

I am, of course, predisposed to love ballet performances, having been a ballerina myself for some years.

But last night’s show falls neatly in line with my recent revelation that the best use of my money is spending it on experiences, rather than things. For the price of that ticket, I could probably have gotten a few cheap tops or a purse, but I would have missed out on something that can only be felt once, at a particular time, in a particular place.

Ballet is something that I especially want to encourage everyone to try attending, at least once (and make sure it’s a performance worth watching!). Ballet is one of the last art forms that blends both vision (something abundant in modern art) and profound, breathtaking skill and dedication (something not quite so abundant in modern art forms…). For inspiration, here’s this Sunday’s link to the Nureyev version of Romeo and Juliet, performed in Paris. The score is stirring! If you’re not into dance, give your eyeballs a rest but listen to the music. It’s worth it.

It’s also pretty long, so if you’re short on time, I recommend the beautiful duet at 00:55 :)


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