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Gift Guide for the Beauty Junkie

Buying make-up as a present is sometimes a tricky business, so don’t get your recipient what you think they need—get them something beautiful they would want! Gift-getting gets awkward when you buy someone mints and a hairbrush… so. Go for the following treats instead:

gift guide: beauty 1

Clinique Almost Lipstick
$15 –
It looks dark in the tube, but this slim cross between a gloss and lipstick is universally flattering.

The classic that never fails.

The name says it all: paint your nails, peel it off when you’re done!       Perfect for traveling.

Smith’S Rosebud Lip Balm
$7 –
Stocking stuffer that smooths and softens lips with a hint of glow.

Benefit Sugarbomb
$28 –
A cheery, shimmery blend of peaches and pinks that blends and brightens beautifully.

C.O. Bigelow – Brands – Bath & Body Works
$20 –
Slather on the perky lemon scent for a soft, supple pick-me-up! A treat for dry legs and sour moods.
But please, no matter how much you think they need it, don’t get that special someone anti-aging products. No one likes to think they need to look younger.

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