Expectation versus reality

In terms of housework, I always seem to be playing catch-up. I don’t know why this is. If you hear me talk, I seem like the kind of person who will always wash every dish after use, so it doesn’t pile up. If you look at my academic record (and my color-coded planner), you see that I always stay on top of things there…so why can I never manage to have clean laundry and a sparkling, dish-less sink?

I really, really love minimalist living. It’s so clean and elegant. And you would think that as a poor college student it would be easier to live minimally than in a cluttered way. But no.

What I envision my room as:

What my bedroom inevitably ends up looking like:

Not my actual bedroom. Nor is my bedroom really that bad. But you get the idea.


So this winter break, I will be thinking about how to declutter my possessions and my life in general (too many trips to Forever21 over the years, I guess), thinking toward quality rather than quantity (with clothes as well as other things in life).

I guess I might have randomly come up with my New Year’s resolution in November.

How do you de-clutter a life?


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