A little update

It’s been so long since I’ve been on here…

Well. I’ve been sick with a nasty bug for the last couple of days, which has entailed me lying around in bed watching Netflix and generally wasting my time. So much for that. But I think I am finally on the mend. Just in time for…

…my car to get smashed. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, some lovely resident of Hyde Park decided to prove that he/she is the 99% by obliterating my car’s passenger-side window and riffling through the trove of expired documents in the glovebox. There was not a single thing of value in my car, unless you count burned copies of hipster bands (the Books, anyone? Only I would have a cd of a band called The Books, for crying out loud). I guess the other thing that got these would-be thieves hopeful was the mess of huge cardboard boxes in the back of my car, which were filled with–SURPRISE–cheap promotional water bottles for Spotflag.com. They didn’t decide to take any. :(

Incidentally, the UChicago branch of Spotflag is being shuttered until the bosses figure out a way to make the site more viable. My lame explanation was that you can’t force a website onto a market that finds no need for it (even Google failed on that front). Oh well. Thanks to everyone who checked it out! Sorry if I hounded you.


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