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That bow, that jumper…and not a day over 50!

HelloGiggles (not as frivolous a blog as it sounds) recently ran a little blurb that waxed nostalgic about all things Hello Kitty, which, of course, reminded me of my own love for the little cat. (

It seems that this innocuous and lovable character is popping up EVERYWHERE these days. I have to confess, I felt a little thrill of glee when I saw Hello Kitty in Sephora and fast-fashion chain Forever21, of all places. It’s not even that I am overly obsessed with all things twee (I don’t think). There’s just something so endearing about Hello Kitty, even though I am not the type of Asian girl to wear pigtails and schoolgirl skirts and carry a teddy-bear backpack, unless it’s Halloween.

What is it about Hello Kitty that makes it so beloved by everyone from toddlers to grown women (and maybe men?). Rarely does one encounter a cartoon character so iconic. Even Mickey Mouse can’t hold a candle to how clean and simple those lines are. Thus, Hello Kitty is both endlessly permutable and never-changing. It’s hard to mess her up, but easy to put her in a thousand different variations–so we get the classic Hello Kitty beloved of children worldwide (and apparently star of her own tv show? I only knew her as the smiling face of my school supplies), but also the Hello Kitty of a forever21 tank-top, wearing trendy cat-eye glasses.

Happy 50th birthday to Hello Kitty and all of her adorable Sanrio friends. I am unabashedly in love. :) Admit it…so are you.


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