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That bow, that jumper…and not a day over 50!

HelloGiggles (not as frivolous a blog as it sounds) recently ran a little blurb that waxed nostalgic about all things Hello Kitty, which, of course, reminded me of my own love for the little cat. ( It seems that this innocuous and lovable character is popping up EVERYWHERE these days. I have to confess, I … Continue reading


Getting the Bible Wrong

CNN’s religion blog recently ran a really interesting article about oft-misquoted passages of the Bible. I find it particularly fascinating because I grew up in a rather unique situation–though I am not particularly religious, all of my school friends (and when I say all, I mean ALL) were Christians. Wonderful people. Which meant that I … Continue reading


White Nights

I read today in a travel blog that St. Petersburg, Russia, has seven months of winter. Don’t ask me why they would include that depressing tidbit in a travel blog. I sat there reading this article and thinking, “It must really suck to live in a place with seven months of winter.” But then I … Continue reading


Home Sweet Home

I’ve recently been dealing with my move from a dorm into an apartment here in Hyde Park. It’s been stressful to say the least–fickle subletters, no-show movers, and endless hours of scrubbing… A friend and I were discussing apartment options here, which is a pretty big issue since most students move into after their second … Continue reading